Position: Head of Systems

Location: Fairoaks Airport, UK

Salary: £50,000 + depending on experience plus full company benefits


Job Information:

Manages the avionics/electrical department within the EASA Part 21J, CAA A8.21 and MAA DAOS design organisation. Responsible for a variety of tasks associated with the preparation, certification and approval of various aspects of avionics/electrical related design and certification data.

Main responsibilities:

Below is a summary of the main responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  1. Provides leadership to and manages the avionics/electrical design personnel including design engineers, draughtsmen, document writers, etc.
  2. Provides the avionics/electrical element of cost and time estimates to the Head of Part 21 for all new programmes.
  3. Manages each avionics/electrical project to ensure jobs stay on time and within budget.
  4. Acts as an avionics/electrical CVE, checking and approving the work of others against regulatory requirements.
  5. Creates avionics/electrical reports for others to approve.
  6. Represents the DOA to customers and regulatory agencies within the avionics/electrical area of expertise.
  7. Represents the company at trade shows etc.
  8. Maintaining an awareness of current aeronautical practices/issues.
  9. Continued professional development: attending training courses, seminars, etc.
  10. Ensuring that all design processes and procedures are adhered to.
  11. Participating with EASA audits where required.
  12. Developing internal procedures and processes.
  13. On-site aircraft surveys.
  14. Approval of external testing facilities.
  15. Peer group training, e.g. mentoring new staff, developing existing staff knowledge.
  16. Liaison with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) or tasked National Aviation Authority (NAA).
  17. Addressing in-service difficulty reports/design queries after completion of a design.
  18. Providing on-site assistance to aircraft maintenance staff.

Detailed requirements for the position

  1. Avionics/electrical design and documentation, including but not limited to:
    • Specifying items of equipment being installed
    • Plug/socket connector identification
    • Software Management
    • Environmental testing requirements
    • Gauge and specification of wires and cables to be used
    • Specifying power bus to be used for the installed equipment
    • Specifying parts lists
  1. General arrangement of instrument panels
  2. Electrical load analysis
  3. Reviewing equipment approvals, e.g. TSO, ETSO
  4. EMC/ HIRF testing/documentation
  5. Weight and balance schedule amendment instructions
  6. Air test/post flight evaluation requirements

Hours: 08.30-17.00, Mon- Fri

Please note that due to the nature of this role, applicants MUST have the right to live and work in the European Union. If you do not fall into this bracket, please do not apply as we are unable to process your application.

To apply for this position please EMAIL your current CV to us stating the particular position you are interested in.

Closing date for applications is September 28th, 2016.