Chartering your aircraft

Deferring management costs by chartering your aircraft

To defer management costs and some operational expenditure you may wish to think about chartering your aircraft.

Our fleet is well utilised on a variety of mission types, operating with slightly higher than average charter fees due to the quality of the aircraft we operate and our reputation as an operator.

If you wish to utilise the down time by chartering your aircraft, our commercial and marketing teams will:

  • Ensure a range of marketing materials are created to be distributed via our established sales channels (brokers, Avinode, our sales team, website, social media, etc.)
  • Keep you updated on the markets price expectations of the aircraft type according to their party data sources (Avinode and Wing X Advance)
  • Advise you on the market opportunity and whether there would be a further financial benefit from additional crew, etc.
  • Advise you on the release conditions and their effect on the aircraft’s ability to service the charter opportunities.

For more information on charter please see out charter section by clicking here

Quote request

Do you wish to charter an aircraft from our fleet? If so, fill in our simple form and we will have a quote with you within 120 minutes (during office hours).

AOG Assist

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