EASA CPL course

CATS Aviation EASA CPL theory course

Moving from your PPL to CPL; gaining the knowledged need to fly commercially.

Our recent co-operation with CATS Aviation, provides you with access to a training system that have been used by 1000’s of pilots to launch their flying careers. Within the CPL course there are 13 subjects covered across three stages.  Each stage is comprised of roughly 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web based training. A 4-day ground school is at the end of each stage (which comprises subject overviews and exam preparation) at our Luton Training Centre just prior to sitting each stage of EASA exams at a CAA examination centre (CATS Aviation Luton HQ, Gatwick, Leicester or Oxford).

To qualify for this course you must hold a current ICAO PPL licence.

  • • Human Performance & Limitations
    • Air Law & ATC Procedures
    • Operational Procedures
    • VFR Communications
    • Meteorology

  • • Principles of Flight
    • Performance
    • Flight Planning
    • General Navigation
    • Mass & Balance

  • • Aircraft General Knowledge
    • Instrumentation
    • Radio Navigation


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Fixed wing not for you? How about a helicopter course?

Learning to fly a fixed wing aircraft isn’t everyones cup of tea so we’ve teamed up with Cotswold Helicopter Centre to offer PPL and CPL courses.  To find our more about these, pleasure flights and other helicopter pilot programs follow this link.