Managing your aircraft

Our management model.

Our model is simple. We charge a fee for managing your aircraft, its airworthiness and any engineering oversight you require. All other items we deem to be costs, which are billed directly to you. Over the last 34 years we have found this model to be successful because:

  • It’s simple, with no ‘grey’ areas
  • We have no interest in adding an additional percentage to your costs
  • We are incentivised to work hard to manage your costs; not inflate them
  • Our fee is often mitigated by the costs savings we can generate due to our scale


Why working with a scale operator is important

In our case scale does not mean remote. Every aircraft we manage, we treat with the same love, care and attention that we would if we owned it ourselves. As an owner / operator, we are well aware of the three cost bases you face; these being Variable, Direct Operating and Fixed costs. Each requires active management in order to get the best value our of the aircraft; something that by leveraging our scale and our fee only approach, we are able to achieve. For instance, we:

  • Operate over 250 aircraft worldwide
  • Insure over $3 billion of aviation assets
  • Purchase 43+ million litres of fuel last year
  • Purchase over $10million of training a year
  • Manage over 200 Wheels Up flight movements a day within the US

This allows us to procure at a scale that very few others in the industry can achieve. If you would like more information on how we can use our scale to reduce your operating costs click here.


Adding your aircraft to our fleet of over 250

With all the major OEM’s represented within our fleet; placing your aircraft with us allows you to not only benefit from the afore mentioned economies of scale but also the accumulative knowledge of our highly skilled management and engineering teams worldwide.

OEM Aircraft type Number on fleet
Boeing BBJ 737-800 BBJ 1
Airbus ACJ A318 ACJ 1
Gulfstream GIV to G650 series 20
Bombardier Global series 11
Embraer Legacy series 2
Dassault Falcon 50 to 7X 10
Bombardier Challenger series 11
Cessna / Textron Citation series 22
Bombardier Learjet series 6
BAe Hawker series 4
Beechcraft/Textron King Air series 55

To find our more about how your aircraft can benefit from our fleet experience please click here.

By operating aircraft management at scale we can provide you with the comfort of assisting you and delivering the best value services in the following areas:

  • Crew training
  • Fuel & lubricants
  • Flight operations services
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Travel, visa’s, accommodation



Chartering your aircraft.



Would you like to differ some of your management costs through charter? Find out more here.





To date we are the only EASA approved ATO to be able to offer pilots the ability to meet the EASA Part-FCL requirements for base training using our team of instructors with worldwide experience in both airline and business aviation operations.Book your flight crews Part-FCL courses here.

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EASA Part-NCC implications

In this short video we'll explain what EASA Part-NCC is and how we can help you implement the new rules.