Maintenance for managed aircraft

Maintenance for managed aircraft

Our maintenance for managed aircraft programs are placed under the supervision of our CAMO team and Head of Engineering who coordinates with the aircraft’s pilots, crew and maintenance technicians, scheduling all required maintenance events together.  This procedure ensures each aircraft is maintained in accordance with applicable regulations and the manufacturer’s maintenance program.

Although we own base maintenance facilities this does not mean your aircraft will be automatically placed their. Our CAMO team will request up to three quotes from various maintenance providers (potentially including our own facilities), determining the most suitable provider based on: a) suitability, b) cost, c) timeframe & schedule of works. We believe working in this way guarantees our owners the best value for money as well as complete transparency over what may be large payments.

Assisting our clients with AOG & maintenance support

Paul Bristow, Head of Engineering, UK discusses our maintenance services in the UK ranging from light aircraft, helicopters to business jets.


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Please use the 'AOG assist' button above to register an AOG situation. On submission, our local maintenance support team will be alerted 24/7. For regional AOG telephone numbers Click here.

Maintenance for managed aircraft services include:
  • A transparent process focused on determining the best value maintenance provider.
  • Preparation of appropriate aircraft-specific maintenance manuals and preparation of aircraft for conformity inspection.
  • Monitoring of scheduled & unscheduled maintenance events to ensure all work is performed in accordance with  airworthiness regulations.
  • Inspections, repairs or overhauls that are required to be performed by an outside contractor are handled with a “request for proposal” which is then forwarded to qualified vendors. Quotes are then evaluated for competitive pricing and downtime requirements.
  • Our own first class facilities may also used for specific types of maintenance inline with our approvals.