Global presence, local expertise

With presence in over 15 countries, 45 aircraft bases and the breadth and depth capability that only comes with aircraft management at scale.  We have the people, facilities, buying power and aircraft where you need them.  As many people will claim they operate aircraft management at scale, here’s the evidence:

  • We operate in excess of $2.5 billion of aviation assets worldwide
  • We purchase 40+ million litres of fuel last year
  • We flew 60,00+ people, in 17,500 trips from 900+ departure points in 2014
  • We flew 3,400 medevac missions in 2014
  • We manage over 45 Wheels Up departures a day within the US
By operating aircraft management at scale we can provide you with the comfort of assisting you and delivering the best value services in the following areas:

  • Crew training
  • Fuel & lubricants
  • Aircraft parking/hangarage
  • Flight operations services
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Travel, visa’s, accommodation

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