Contract Charter

From Executive travel to band tours, our contract charter team will find the right solution for you.

Our global contract charter teams have considerable experience in putting together frequently changing, complex itineraries that are required to delivered over weeks if not months.

With aircraft from within our charter fleet supplemented by audited operators, we can offer a wide range of aircraft from Airbus ACJ’s to Embraer Legacy’s (a tour favourite) and Challenger 605’s. All are supported by a dedicated Account Manager and Operations cover that will double, double check the detail so you don’t have to.

Typical missions include:

Contact us

Please use the 'contact us' button above to enquire about our global services. Once received, your enquiry will be directed to the most appropriate local team to answer your query.

The benefits of working with us

  • Good fleet availability
  • 24/7/52 dedicated global ops
  • Major city base coverage
  • Very strong US fleet
  • Rigorous safety monitoring / auditing
  • Maintenance support
  • Deep critical mission support experience
Entertainment charters
  • European and Global band tours
  • Football tours
  • Fan experiences
  • Specialist travel requirements
Business charters
  • Fundraising tours
  • Production site tours
  • Executive shuttle service
  • Just in Time production contingency
Interim charter cover
  • Cover for large maintenance checks
  • Cover aircraft between leases
  • Pre delivery bridging aircraft
  • Additional lift to cover peak demand
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