charter representation

Is your charter representation developing enough charter demand for your aircraft?

The current charter market is a fast moving and dynamic with many companies offering charter representation. It requires a keen eye to keep an aircraft operational if you are looking for charter (ad-hoc or contract) to defray fixed and direct operating costs, particularly with the current oversupply in the market. This is where we can help.

As a large operator, flying a wide portfolio of types, we fully understand the contribution that good charter representation can make as well as the pitfalls of getting it wrong.

We will consider your:

  • current position in the market based on the contribution requirements from your aircraft’s charter flights, its age, capability and mission suitability
  • the current marketing of the aircraft
  • what contract charter opportunities exist
  • what the options are

The audit will then recommend a course of action on how best to represent the aircraft. The decision is then left open whether you would like us to represent the aircraft for a small commission or remain with your existing provider.

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The benefits of working with us

  • Large, multi-type global fleet
  • As an owner / operator we implicitly understand the financial risk
  • We'll provide an honest, transparent appraisal
  • Strong analytics expertise using in-house and external data sources
  • Rigorous safety monitoring / auditing
  • Maintenance support for many types worldwide
  • Major city base coverage
Entertainment charters
  • European and Global band tours
  • Football tours
  • Fan experiences
  • Specialist travel requirements
Business charters
  • Fundraising tours
  • Production site tours
  • Executive shuttle service
  • Just in Time production contingency
Interim charter cover
  • Cover for large maintenance checks
  • Cover aircraft between leases
  • Pre delivery bridging aircraft
  • Additional lift to cover peak demand
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