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A Business Aircraft Acquisition Checklist (Part 2)

Additional Items Buyers Should Consider Carefully. Last time we emphasized the need to address the areas in aircraft acquisition that were particularly time-consuming and had an impact of subsequent aspects of the transaction. Specifically we covered the need to assemble a... Read More →

Business Aircraft Acquisition Checklist (Part 1)

Items Buyers Should Consider Carefully Identifying the steps involved with acquiring and using a business aircraft will reduce the likelihood of surprises and lead to a more successful experience with Business Aviation, notes attorney Chris Younger. Here are some tips… A... Read More →

Buying a business jet.

/ 10 Common mistakes. Selecting the right aircraft, at the right price, with the right terms, and avoiding unpleasant surprises is a complex project that requires discipline, focus and persistent attention-to-detail. A successful acquisition is a team effort requiring expertise... Read More →