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Wheels Up

Same Day Game Day

Wheels Up Launches College “Same Day Game Day” Shuttle to Fan-Favorite Football Games this Fall NEW YORK – September 8, 2016 – For college football fans and alumni, it just got a lot easier this fall to get to the big game—and back home in the same day. Wheels Up today announced... Read More →

Maintenance the EASA way: Pt 4

Summary of CAMO The CAMO is employed by either the aircraft owner directly or by the operator, depending on how the owner wishes to handle their aircraft. In regards to the CAMO, it is their responsibility to plan and coordinate all maintenance activities and to keep the aircraft... Read More →

Maintenance the EASA way: Pt 3

Are All CAMOs Equal? Not all CAMOs around Europe operate the same, and consequently different service-levels exist. Ultimately it’s up to the NAA to audit the CAMOs as often as required to ensure that a minimum acceptable level of support is provided by an approved organization.... Read More →

Maintenance the EASA way: Pt 2

Not Just for Europe Since its inception, the concept of CAMO has been catching on, and slowly the authorities of other countries are following EASA’s lead, including the United Arab Emirates. In fact, most regulatory authorities are starting to align themselves with EASA... Read More →
Mark Hamment Fred Forde CAMO

Maintenance the EASA way: Pt 1

Everything You Need to Know About CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) is a term originating in Europe, but today is used across continents, according to Gamit’s Nadeem Muhiddin. So what is it, and what could it mean to an aircraft operator? Essentially... Read More →

Maintaining an older aircraft: Pt 4

Keeping Up Vs. Selling Up… What methods should corporate flight department managers use when they need to keep up with the increasing maintenance needs of an aircraft? Obviously the safety of flight should not be traded-off in favour of short-term productivity gains. Maintenance... Read More →

Maintaining an older aircraft: Pt 3

Navigate the ‘Safety Space’ The decision on whether making aircraft airworthiness management more intensive (with higher running costs), or acquiring a new aircraft (with necessarily higher ownership costs) exemplifies how to healthily navigate the ‘Safety Space’, a notion... Read More →

Maintaining an older aircraft: Pt 2

Maintenance intensiveness Business aircraft are maintenance intensive, and this only increases as aircraft age. “Life limits (i.e. hours or cycles of operation) of business aircraft are generally defined in the prototype stages as a result of fatigue tests,” Mario highlight... Read More →

Maintaining an older aircraft: Pt 1

When does age impact safety and efficiency? A robust CAM program should keep an older airplane safe, but at what point does the need to keep it safe cross over with the need to replace it, asks Mario Pierobon. For purposes of operational effectiveness, ideally pilots should only... Read More →